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Hold in the colour on your home-away-from-home with our GTECHNIQ Ceramic Coatings.



Bring out the deep gloss shine and protect your expensive paintwork with ProtectMyRide’s GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Coatings.



Deep black shades, swirls, waterspots, GTECHNIQ’s Crystal Serum protects your pride and joy from the elements and makes it look BETTER than new. Try us today!

The Best In Ceramic Paint protection.

Crystal Serum Ultra is the best paint protection you can get, it keeps your car looking glossy and new, prolonging the life of your paint works perfect finish.

The hard 10H top and softer 7H base layer offer improved swirl resistance over regular 9H paint protection coatings. Compared to standard ceramic paint coatings, Crystal Serum Ultra can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings.


We come to you

Did you know we are a mobile detailing service? No need to book in loan cars to get to and from work when we work on your vehicle. We come to you, wherever that may be. 

Welcome to ProtectMyRide, where the customer is always the priority.

highest quality products

With the highest quality products in the business, ProtectMyRide will deliver a lasting gloss paint protection to your vehicle’s paint work. 

You can be sure you will receive the best service in the industry with ProtectMyRide. 

9 year warranty

Worried about longevity? GTECHNIQ’s Crystal Serum and Exo coatings have a lasting warranty period to keep you from sweating about the small stuff. 

Protect Your Ride and reap the rewards!

every vehicle deserves the best.

GTECHNIQ’s Crystal Serum paint protection is a professional grade detailing tool.

Our detailers have been accredited by GTECHNIQ Testers to ensure you’re receiving the correct product for your application by the correct method of use. 

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Protect My Ride only uses the highest quality of products on your pride and joy.

Looking for the best Ceramic Paint Protection ? We’ve got it!

Looking for the best vehicle wraps? We’ve got it!

proven results.

Ceramic Coatings are our speciality but there is a lot that happens behind the scenes. Check out what else we can do!

vinyl preparation & protection

Thinking about changing the colour on your pride and joy?

Whether you’re looking to cover up some accents with an alteernative colour or looking to completely change the colour ProtectMyRide is your best choice for quality, impressive and lasting results.


paint correction & protection

Whilst we specialise in applying Ceramic Coatings, the preparation stages are equally as important as the application.

We make sure that before applying Ceramic Coatings to your vehicle, that the paint is in its best condition for ideal Ceramic logevitiy and shine.

marine attention

own a Jetski, Ski or Wake Boat and want to make cleaning salt residue easier? Maybe you want to hold in the deep shine of your watercraft?

Ceramic Coatings arent just for cars, they work on vehicles in the water too!

  • customer satisfaction 100% 100%
  • customer satisfaction 100% 100%
  • customer satisfaction 100% 100%
  • Durability 70% 70%
  • gloss, shine and protection 100% 100%
  • hydrophobic 85% 85%

What to expect from

Gtechniq Ceramic.

When you trust ProtectMyRide with your pride and joy we make sure its in the very best hands for the job.

A Gtechniq Ceramic Coating begins with a regular detail wash to remove any contaminants from the paints surface and reduce swirl marks when polishing the vehicle.

Once the car, caravan, boat or motorbike has been correctly washed it must undergo a series of paint correction stages to ensure the paint is 100% prepared for the ceramic coating application.

Without a properly prepared surface the ceramic coating wont live up to its full potential.

To prepare the paint surface, ProtectMyRide begins with a full inspection then proceeds with necessary clay barring, polishing and correction.

After the preparation has taken place its time to apply the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating.

This is a time consuming procedure that must be done right and generally requires a lot of patience.

Once the paint protection has been applied a nice, glossy finish can be seen on the paint’s surface which will need to cure over 24 hours.

So, the car has been correctly pre-washed, paint has been prepared and the ceramic has been applied and has cured, what’s next?

Well mate it’s time to sit back, relex, grab a cold one and admire the pure beaty of your paintwork’s new lease on life.

Enjoy the immense hydrophobicity and extremely deep shine and make sure you show it to your mates.

“Ben came out and his work is outstanding, the car has never looked better.

The shine is absolutely amazing, highly recommend these guys

– Allan (Google Reviews)

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